Tuesday, July 29, 2014

90 day bodyweight/flexibility challenge

I am going to do a 90 day bodyweight exercise routine mixed in with flexibility exercises. Like the old school wrestlers from India or for modern times Hershel Walker.

When I was a kid I was taking Tang Soo Do....don't laugh it was before mma came to America and before I got into kickboxing. We never stretched but I could kick straight up into the air and do the splits the hard way. At the beginning of every class we would do 30 min of deep stance training. And after re-reading an article from Tom Kurz. Hes the crazy dude always doing the splits on chairs with a hottie sitting on his leg. I realized the deep stance training was what made me flexible. I want to once again loosen up these 47 yo hips.

I feel my training has plateaued and I want to get shredded. I do jiu jitsu and muay thai everyday but my body has gotten used to this.

I am also incorporating a competitive weight lifting diet.....which I believe all Mike Dolce did was tweak a weight lifting diet and market the hell out of it...smart move.

I will let you know how its going and post final results with pics of flexibility and results



Friday, July 25, 2014

staying youthful

Man in today world of processed foods, electronic equipment, social media and America's ever demanding sitcom idea that everything can be fixed in 30 min, its no wonder diet and exercise gear, videos, supplements, etc...are at an all time sales high and we are fatter than ever.

What kills us is the discipline, we are no longer blessed with this in any type (the majority anyway). How do we get this lovely trait?

You need to be as the proverbial alcoholic when he discovers AA is "sick and tired of being sick and tired". You need to hit your bottom with the standard of American society which is slowly affecting the world.

Don't get me wrong I love this country and the founding fathers principles and what made this country great. I am just sickened by today's instant gratification society.

A few steps to help rid yourself of this sickness.....

1. Watch no more than 1 hour of tv a day, when this is accomplished without fail make it 30 min a day and then cut it down to 1 movie or show a week.

2. Eliminate facebook and all social media to include real friends and family only ( I don't believe for a second that you have 1597 friends). And only get on it 10 min a day. then cut it down to 10 min a week.

3. Shop Organic

4. Never eat until full and space 3 meals out at least 5 hours apart. Don't eat after 6pm (unless you are exercising at night)

5. Drink 1 gallon of water a day and eliminate all pop from diet.

6. Get out into nature at least 30 min a day, breathe god's air and look at the beauty around you.

7. Do at least 60 min of mind/body exercise a day.

There you have it 7 things that will improve your life.     

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Memorial Vacation weekend is over.

Now that our coveted Memorial Day Weekend is over, its really time to get back into the swing of things.  That means to get back in the gym, get back to your routine of being active.  Whatever that activity is, it is very important that you do something regardless.  Build that routine, and stick to it.  This is about a lifestyle, not just some sort of week by week or month by month deal... you do not want this to be temporary.  Perhaps this will carry on beyond what we traditionally call working out, go backpacking, canoeing... do whatever you have to do to get off the couch, break up the monotony.  Sometimes you need an escape from your routines around the house and work, getting outside and being active can be a big help.

Traditional fitness gyms can be monotonous as well, and there is a lot you can do to handle that, a lot like what we mentioned above.  However, MMA fitness or any kind of fitness that brings a sense of adventure, anything were you might evolve emotionally, tend to be far from monotonous.  I encourage you to give these types of experiences a shot, live a little.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gi vs No Gi

In modern MMA, or more specifically, jiu jitsu, there are two major aspects of training in grappling.  These two aspects are gi (wear the traditional jiu jitsu cloths- top and bottoms) and no gi (only shorts and possibly a rash guard)

The principle difference in no gi and gi is that with no gi, there is no grabbing of your opponents clothing.  This rule was established with the creatation of MMA as a sport, and it was with the purpose of making the sport more viewer friendly.

Traditional jiu jitsu practictioners for a while only taught and trained jiu jitsu while they and their students wore full gi.  Slowly more and more jiu jitsu gyms have begun to train, teach, and modify their technique for no gi grappling (jiu jitsu).  This actually took some time, but today, both gi and no gi grappling is being taught around the country as well as all around the world.

It's important to remember that no gi grappling was developed for sport, not in particular for self-defense like traditional gi-grappling was.  So, with that taken into consideration, it is important to train both gi and no gi in order to develop a more all around profeciency in grappling.

For great classes and instruction in both gi and no gi grappling, and even wrestling, check out www.ATTsavage.com.

Defending yourself

Hopefully no one reading this will ever be in a situation where you need to defend yourself from someone trying to hurt you, or... god-forbid worse.  I don't want to go into fear mongering territory, but for many people, they feel that they would rather be prepared and not use self-defense skills, than not be prepared and need to use self-defense skills they don't have.

This isn't something just for the woman who has to walk a few blocks at night in the inner city to get to her car.  It really is universal, from muggings,  to home burglaries, to simple disagreements that might escalate into a physical altercation, or even schoolyard bullying.  It wouldn't be unwise to learn not skills to defend yourself should you ever be in a bad situation, but also some skills that can help prevent this situations and even de-esclate them.  For one thing, it is always best to do everything you can to stay out of a bar-fight, just walk away- don't turn your back to be vulnerable, but calmly remove yourself from the situation.

Unfortunately, like most probably know, things can happen so fast that you have to react immediately to protect yourself.  In these situations, self-defense skills, fitness, and knowledge priceless.

There are many gyms that can provide all of these, American Top Team- Savage is one of them, and the strategy they use to teach students MMA skills is all-inclusive, not only do they stress how to defend yourself, but also how to avoid the danger in the first place.  Check out ATT Savage.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Summer is Here!

SUMMER is coming- Can you feel it with a 90 degree day on the forecast for tomorrow?!? Who is in their prime summer shape? Not me. For those of us behind on their fitness goals the time is here to make them a reality. The time is here to try something different, something exciting, something challenging... something that will promote healthy physical fitness AND provide emotional growth.

Mixed Martial Art fitness and training is something many people will never try. Well, I challenge you to challenge your misconceptions of this sport. We are confident that you can find your place at an MMA gym. After giving it a try you will soon realize that being a member of a American Top Team is so much more than a gym membership. In this gym you will find yourself a part of a strong support system that strives to understand and relate to each others goals... And ACHIEVE them!

With summer right around the corner there is NO better time to give this a shot. Did I mention it will be 90 degrees tomorrow??? As the warm weather comes people tend to relax a bit...as everyone starts to relax you might have more time on your hands, perhaps it's time to switch it up and try something new, even supplement your regular workouts. Come try MMA. You will not regret it. The level of fitness you can achieve coupled with the self-confidence you will gain is priceless. Put those two together and you have one hot bod with the support system and motivation to keep it that way. Have to work 60 hours this week? You will look forward to getting off work and heading to the gym.

Give it a go at www.ATTSavage.com.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mixed Martial Arts as a workout

Combative sports of any kind, especially ones when sparring is done at a higher intensity, are grueling.  Training in Mixed Martial Arts, and any of the styles in Mixed Martial Arts can and often does develop into a very healthy lifestyle.  Not only does in influence it's practioners to a more healthy lifestyle, it instills displine, mental toughness, confidence, and humility.  It has an ability to put things into perspective, and when it comes down to it, there are no excuses.  That build resilence, perservernce, and hardens will.

Simply take a look at wrestlers, who practice only one dimension of Mixed Martial Arts, the displine, and intestinal fortitude these athletes must have to thrive, that is much like, if not exactly like what Mixed Martial Arts training will do.  If you want to succeed in your fitness goals, you need the will, and the guts to make it happen, MMA will teach you that, but you need to let it.  Embrace the grind.

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