Monday, January 8, 2018

2 of the biggest detriments to weight
loss seem to be the cheat day and
And combining the cheat day with
alcohol will set you back for sure.
The detriments of alcohol are to many
to list. I suggest doing research
yourself and only drinking a day or two
a month.
Instead of a cheat day try a cheat meal
and limit that cheat meal to 1 cheat
meal per week.
now go get healthy

Thursday, January 4, 2018

1 year without cable

No propaganda
no hate
no warmongering
less stress

6 corporations own 98%
of all media

I know they aren't thinking
of my best interests

go train

Friday, May 20, 2016

Ladies only self defense

A lot of gyms terrify ladies to the point of where they will buy mace instead of training. I get it a buddy of mine in 1989 (yes I am that old) convinced me to try an aerobics class. The peak of leg warmers and headbands. I felt foolish and left halfway through.....turned out he just wanted to hit on the ladies anyway.

So American Top Team of Savage, MN. has designed a course where during the months of june, july and august a lady 14 and above can take all 3 months or just 1 month...something is better than nothing. So go to

Friday, August 15, 2014


I don't care what the pundits say....look in the mirror and not the scale b as in b s as in

The scale holds me accountable and keeps me from overeating.

I weigh myself 3 times per day to hold my feet to the fire.

Try it.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Your rest day

Mine consists of going for a 4 miles wooded hike. Gets me back to nature and I feel more grounded to start my week. Staying on the traditional Mon - Sat workout rest on Sun is just something that feels natural.

Having peak and valley days are important cause ya can't run it in the red 6 days a week. My valley days are mon, wed, fri, I still get a good sweat, drill a ton of jiu jitsu and kickboxing, lightly roll and spar. Tue, thur, sat are my peak days. Pushing myself to complete failure and soreness.

Try it have fun and don't hurt yourself.

I am tired

I know however that to achieve my goals I need to train 6 days a week and on the 7th stay active no just couch it and sleep all day.

All those infomercials where the people are shredded are a tad deceiving. What the normal joe doesn't understand is that for those that are ripped that is their lifestyle. To reach your goals you have to make it a lifestyle.

The absolute biggest is diet. Allow yourself 1 cheat meal a week, not a cheat day a cheat meal. A cheat day can get carried away and you can easily lose a weeks worth of results in a bad day. Don't even overdo the cheat meal. Just what you might crave.

So push yourself to get the results you want. Don't slack and stay at it and if you feel tired take a nap :) 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

90 day bodyweight/flexibility challenge

I am going to do a 90 day bodyweight exercise routine mixed in with flexibility exercises. Like the old school wrestlers from India or for modern times Hershel Walker.

When I was a kid I was taking Tang Soo Do....don't laugh it was before mma came to America and before I got into kickboxing. We never stretched but I could kick straight up into the air and do the splits the hard way. At the beginning of every class we would do 30 min of deep stance training. And after re-reading an article from Tom Kurz. Hes the crazy dude always doing the splits on chairs with a hottie sitting on his leg. I realized the deep stance training was what made me flexible. I want to once again loosen up these 47 yo hips.

I feel my training has plateaued and I want to get shredded. I do jiu jitsu and muay thai everyday but my body has gotten used to this.

I am also incorporating a competitive weight lifting diet.....which I believe all Mike Dolce did was tweak a weight lifting diet and market the hell out of move.

I will let you know how its going and post final results with pics of flexibility and results